My great America tour

Had a really great time in Nisswa, MN together with Linda Gytri last weekend. We played at a Scandinavian Folk Music festival where we met lots of interesting people that hailed from our home area in Nordfjord. For me it was especially exciting to meet my cousins Greg and Amy Loftness. Lovely people! We had three gigs and many workshops, and it seemed like they are very interested in norwegian culture over there. Some of the hardanger fiddle players are getting really good, and it was very exciting to meet Loretta Kelley. She plays really well, and she’ll be in Seljord at Landskappleiken this summer. We really loved this festival and will absolutely love to come back some day. An enormous thanks to Paul Wilson for inviting us over and organizing this big event. We appreciated it very much!

Now I’m in Edmonton AB, Canada with my faboulous cousins Joanne and Haley Myrol, and it feels like this flow of good things in my life will never end, which I like a lot. Joanne and Haley are amazing musicians and I’m going to tour together with their band for a month now. They are launching a new cd these days, and it’s well worth a listen.

We’re soon off to North Country Fair, a festival in Slave Lake in northern Alberta. It’s raining a lot this weekend, so it will be an interesting experience camping in a tent, but in my new wellies and rain gear I should be prepared.

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