Touring Canada 2011

Just came back to Norway after spending a month in Canada where I met my cousins Joanne and Haley Myrol for the first time. Haley and Joanne hails from a real musically family in Hornindal at the west coast of Norway, with many well known singers and fiddle players. It was so great to finally meet up and make some music together, and it definitely feels like this is the beginning of something really great.
We started off at North Country Fair in Driftpile AB, a weekend filled with loads of rain, mud, great musicians, incredible concerts, peace and love, and unforgettable experiences indeed. The week after we went off to Cochrane, Stony Plain and the Scandinavian Center in Calgary before we headed east to Maple Creek and Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, Falcon Lake and Dauphin Country Fest in Manitoba. We met so many nice and generous people during our tour. Especially thanks to Ghosttown Blues, for hosting us in Maple Creek, and Falcon Beach Ranch, for taking us on horseback riding. It was a real treat and I’m so grateful! Also a huge thanks to all the brilliant musicians who joined the tour; Allen Christie, Scott Cook, Grant Stovel, Haley and Joanne Myrol, and of course the mighty Moses Gregg for organizing our lives, carrying and packing our gear and having an enormous patience in general. I hope you all will take your time to check out these peoples music. It is totally worth a listen!

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